#118 – Let’s Go Crazy

(1962, GB, 91 min) Dir Aldous Oxbury. Cast Kenny Hettie, Charles Falder, Betty Beauchamp, Netty Potts.

In 1962 Amiable Films set up what was to be their rival to (and sponging off of) the popular Carry On series with their own shameless Let’s Go cycle of facsimile features of which Let’s Go Crazy was the first. Seeing how the Barnview “loony house” is staffed by “a right load of top totty”, local lads Marvin and Pete (Hettie and Falder) fake themselves mental to get in there with Marvin pretending that he thinks that he’s Napoleon and Pete just barking like a dog. Once inside all sorts of hilarity ensues that includes being hosed down, being given therapeutic enemas, sessions with German-accented psychologists and, eventually, electroshock therapy – all very much like if, for whatever reason, they had decided to play Shock Corridor or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest for lowbrow smutty yuks. Despite the tastelessness, inept direction and, worst of all, criminal lack of jokes, Let’s Go Crazy was enough of a mid-level success for a further two films to be squeezed out before the wheels came off the whole thing for good.


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