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#187 – Škubnutí (Twitch, The)

(1966, Czech, 65 min) Dir Jan Klos. Cast Josef Reinstein, Vratislav Kutálek, Frantisek Cermák.

Karel had everything he could have wanted from life – a loving wife, two adoring daughters, a good job, a nice apartment and a fridge full of food. That is until he wakes up one day with a facial twitch that causes him to spontaneously wink and now everyone thinks that Karel is up to something and not one person trusts him. His wife is now convinced that he’s having an affair, his boss suspects he has been cooking the books and the police don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. By the end of the film poor Karel’s living in a squalid shed with a three-legged dog and nothing but turnips to eat, the whole of his life’s achievements having evaporated on account of his twitch. An absurd classic of black comedy, The Twitch found itself banned for thirty years in the country of it’s production for no given reason.

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