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#157 – Djevlene! (Devils!)

(2000, Nor, 98 min) Dir Tomas Dakk. Cast Olaf Minger, Ballhammer, Alan Danielsson, Alvus Binghauser, Totes Felching.

Norwegian mock-doc about the black metal group Djevlene decamping from the city to record their new album among the trees and mountains of the north. The film opens with a typical Djevlene performance – pounding, down tuned and fronted by agonised screaming – intercut with the quartet being interviewed, pledging their allegiance to Satan and intimating the dark deeds that they’ve done unknown by the media. Cut to their minivan opening in the dark, in the woods, in the snow, to much complaining about the cold and the cramped, dilapidated accommodation they have to stay in. Before you know it they’re fighting over the top bunk and the last sausage and jumping at the wind outside. In the night, following a strange creaking, their drummer Vic finds a hidden door that leads to the basement and in the basement is a grave, its headstone reading: Satan. Then, from under the ground, a blood curdling howling begins. The rare horror comedy that manages both with fine performances from the titular band as played, with admirable good humour, by real life band Snørr.

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