#49 – Enfer de Sophie, L’ (Hell of Sophie, The)

(1968, Fr, 90 min) Dir Alain Andere. Cast Edith Scob, Delphine Seyrig, Alida Valli.

Poor Edith Scob. She’s Sophie, a down on her luck waitress in a grey winter’s Paris who has just lost her last job. But what luck – as she wearily trudges her way through the puddles home there appears the fantastically glamorous Delphine Seyrig (in Daughters of Darkness mode) in a big white limo to offer her a job serving the ball she is throwing in her massive country residence that weekend. And what a job offer it is –a huge sack of francs foo one night’s work!? Of course it’s too good to be true but what’s poor Edith to do but say yes? At least the slinky Delphine is pleased to hear of her acceptance, her sleepy cat grin just visible as her window goes up. At the appointed time a car arrives at her sad garret to whisk her off to the house of the party, the lamps that line the endless drive being lit as she arrives. Without a moment to think about it she’s dressed in her uniform and out among the party already under way. She can’t help but notice the way that the masked guests look at her though, as though they are appraising her… As the night wears on her suspicions grow but surely nothing diabolical could be afoot? Before you know it the film has devolved into Satanically fuelled class war with the well off trying to tuck into the help. Great fun and beautifully shot – every frame could be cut out and hung on the wall.


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