#26 – Can You Do What Doobie Do?

(1966, US, 72 min) Dir William Asher. Cast Fabian, Frankie Avalon, Susan Hart, Luciana Paluzzi.

Made at the decline of the beach party movie, CYDWDD betrays no shortage of spirit for this and in fact has more of an anything goes attitude than anything else. Fabian and Avalon are Hank and Randy, rivals for king of the beach who put their differences to one side when the big house on the dune is rented out by a quartet of British musicians. The band is The Weevils and they’re adorably mop-topped and skinny trousered – that’s right, the American insecurity of having their rock and roll music stolen from them has made it to the beach party movie. Much to Hank and Randy’s chagrin the girls are just head over heels for these guys and they have to battle on the beach to get them back via surf contests, dance-offs, you name it. Everything goes in The Weevils’ favour until Hank and Randy pull out their big gun – the titular Doobie Do, who is a dancing, surfing rock and roll chimp (and is obviously a man in a suit). It’s all very tongue in cheek and more like a parody of the genre than anything else, down to wacky cameos from horror maestros Boris Karloff and Vincent Price.


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